About Pawan & Pranav

Pawan & Pranav acquired their business, fashion and fitness acumen from their parents. Father - a successful entrepreneur in the chemical industry with a passion for karate and strength training and their Mother - an athlete and a successful entrepreneur owning a boutique for Indian wear in Mumbai. With an eye for detail, these seasoned entrepreneurs have made a mark for themselves in both the fashion & fitness world. This year the dynamic duo begin their journey in the media world by providing cutting edge media solutions to a niche clientele globally.


The vision of the label is to look beyond current trends and to make an outfit that is awe inspiring as well as attainable. The brand magnifies its energy into constantly innovating fresh concepts and ideas which create a niche market and appeal for admirers of such creativity.

Meet our founders

Pawan Bagga

Pawan Bagga


Passionate about fitness, fashion & media, Pawan Bagga has been a keen sportsman from a young age. Since then he has proven himself on the playing field in a variety of sports; on both the national as well as global arena. Pawan has played cricket and soccer at the University level in India and rugby for the Southern California Rugby Club. He has the added distinction of having trained in goju-kai (one of the main traditional Okinawa styles of karate) and taekwondo with over five years of experience in MMA. Business is his second name, so after completing his graduation from USC, Los Angeles Pawan has been successful in setting up various businesses in India. Moreover, backed by his all-round experience and after global consultations with several leading brands such as SFL fitness and numerous club houses, he is also an equipment designer, who strives to optimise the functioning capacity of fitness equipment with his brand TechFit, to create the right mix for the rapidly growing fitness industry. He also owns 4 fitness centres in North India by the brand name F360. With his first brand Pawan & Pranav Haute Couture he has explored his exquisite fashion designs and has successfully managed to retain his clientele for 8 years now. His vision to help brands expand and create a name for themselves has given birth to the idea of setting up a digital media & PR agency named TYCHE Media. He believes in using the best minds to conceptualise the most innovative ideas for business growth and so TYCHE is powered by a strong core team that can rock your business and bring the idea of growth & expansion to life. He truly believes in the saying, when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life – with this mantra he is all set to take over with TYCHE Media.

Pranav Bagga

Pranav Bagga is also a true ‘fitness child’ and bares the distinction of winning medals in various track and field events like races, long jump, high jump, and shot-put. Besides athletics he has also captained his school, college and university in sports like cricket, soccer and basketball. Being a true fan of Bruce Lee, Pranav was always interested in learning Kung Fu and Mixed Martial Arts. Following intent with action, he enhanced his martial skills through an intensive three year training programme and his personality says it all. Apart from his vast experience in fitness with their brands TechFit & F360, Pranav has also distinguished himself academically. After graduating from Kingston University London in marketing and accounting, Pranav returned to pursue a degree in law from the ‘Jitendra Chauhan College of Law’. Today, he is a successful fashion entrepreneur having his flagship store – Pawan & Pranav Haute Couture at JVPD, Mumbai. Pranav’s social network globally is his key strength towards business expansion and allows him to study people & brand and their never ending search for a reliable digital & PR Agency. This has been one of the drivers for setting up TYCHE Media, their footprint in the digital & PR world. Pranav truly believes that Business has only two functions – marketing & innovation and TYCHE Media will handhold the brands towards success with their out of the box digital & PR strategy.